Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cleansing of Volia moon (451.M40)

Volia is a moon of planet Agrax on Segmentum Ultima. The planet is colonized by Agraxian farmers and is a fertile ground on the side facing Agrax (as the moon is locked to face the same side towards the mother planet) and thus considered a fine place for growing biobacco, a synthetic tobacco-like product. The moon relies on the Planetar Defence Force of Agrax andhas little defense of its own. Usually a recreation post for Cthonian troops traveling to campaign and during the Tau infection during 0.024.451.M40 71st Cthonian infantry regiment was stationed on the moon.

Vior’la sect’s star fleet entered the immediate area of the system with peaceful intentions and sent a party of the water caste to negotiate trading route through the area to a secluded star gate on the father area of the Segmentum Ultima. The negotiations ended in a slaughter. It is speculated that the rude language used by the Cthonian Commissar (name deleted from registry) and thus the whole negotiation party was eliminated. This led into a full scale landfall of more than 3000 Fire warriors and support personnel. The Planetary Defense Force was wiped out in a day and Cthonian 71st was left recurring evacuation of the only large city on the moon. Most of the population was successfully transferred to Agrax but the moon was infested by Tau.
On the third day of the landfall a Red Talon cruiser Claw of Justice entered the system and launched a boarding action on Tau Emissary class ship. The ship was quickly overrun and a half company of Red Talons of the 2nd Company was deployed on the surface of Volia assisted by 2 Scout squads of the 10th Company. A total of 100 Space Marines was lowered on the planet and they made an assault to the Tau command base. A full thousand fire warriors was slain in the ensuing combat leaving the remaining troops without support and supplies. A force of 50 strong was assigned to the Capital of the moon where Cthonians were fighting for their existence.

The 2nd Company containing 3rd to 6th Tactical squads, 7th Assault Squad and 9th and 10th Devastor squads were deployed in the flank of the Tau battle line with both the Scout squads deployed within their defensive ring. The command squad was scattered to the Tactical squads to prove some needed close combat efficiency. The plan was to quickly cover the ground and to minimize the deadly shooting of the Tau warriors. In mere hours the majority of the Tau warriors was driven to flight or destroyed. During a desperate maneuver to avoid the fusillade from Tau vehicle squad, the Company Captain, Executioner Korsis Osiron, was wounded to hip and lost both his legs. The 3rd Tactical squad led by Iron-Brother
 Lurcas was able to extract the Executioner from the field of battle to their Razorback and he was saved by the Company Mender.

The 6th Squad and both Devastor Squads were almost destroyed, the 6th Assault squad was reduced to half, and full half of the armoured vehicles were blown into pieces. The Cthonianss, who had retreated to safety of the ruined city, lost only a fragment of their strength. The troopers invaded the streets elating the victory they had supposedly delivered. The Red Talon Judges, Iron-Judge Quersina and Judge Ern, ruled that one tenth of the regiment was to be executed due to their lack of courage and some 200 troopers were executed on spot as a reminder for the rest of the regiment to fulfill their duty to Emperor. All of the Tau forces were killed, mainly fire warriors and some dozens battle suited leaders, on the cleansing of the Volia moon and their star crafts were destroyed in the orbital firefight with the Agrax defenders assisted by the Claw of justice. The Red Talons left an impression to the Cthonian officers that is still discussed with awe and fear when they fill their pipes with biobacco.

“They came on a fiery Chariot of Death; the Hand of Justice, the Holy Execution. They fell on the xenos like a hammer on an anvil, leaving no survivors. They were clad in red and black. Red as the blood they spilt, red as the fierce blood that runs in their veins. Black as the night of judgement, black as the armour of their Iron Hand ancestors. On fire they came, with fire they left. The Cthonians will remember them, that we do. The Red Talons.”

Friday, 31 August 2012

The army grows

I have reached the point where I can double the size of my army and using the 6th edition rules I can include the Blood Angles to my force. Instead of being a separate army, I will add only jump infantry from Blood Angels list to keep things clear for my opponent. The Blood Angels list will provide some needed punch to my assault forces without being too expensive points-wise. Also the Stormraven will be a treat for my flying Red Talons (too bad I can’t put the Space Marines in the Blood Angels’ transports).

Here’s my TO-DO list for the 1000 points army:
  1. Paint the Razorback!
  2. Paint the Land Speeder
  3. Basecoat and paint the Assault Marines
  4. Scratch-build an Assault Chaplain (I have some ideas already about the helmet and the Crozium)
  5. Build the second Tactical Squad and get it painted

The list


Space Marine Captain with Relic Blade. - 130 points
Executioner Osiron, Captain of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. 
A bulky warrior with arcane power armour. Menacing and silent. Never really got used to the moving without jump-pack. Was the Iron-Brother Sergeant of 7th Veteran Squad of 2nd Company. Has a long kill list including the Tyranid Broodlord and a full Necron Lychguard.


Space Marine 10-man Tactical Squad with Plasmacannon, meltagun. Sergeant with Chainsword and Storm bolter. Carried in Razorback Stronos with Dozerblade. - 270 points
"Red Tyrants", 3rd Tactical Squad of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. Long history of fighting against Tyranids. Most notable conflict was the Deliverance Incident on M38.

Led by Iron-Brother Lurcas. A tough warrior with scars to prove it. Has been able to dodge some bullets during Deliverance war. Carries a Storm bolter and a servo-engined plasmacutter/chainsword. Also bears the squad banner. Is a Deliverance veteran with over 100 confirmed kills. Has been in the 3rd squad since initiation. Has fought beside Osiron for long time.

Rides in Razorback Stronos "Deliverance Hammer", one of the oldest vehicles in the chapter. A custom armoured vehicle with countless campaigns. Has been in the force since M35.

Space Marine 5-man Tactical Squad Sergeant with Chainsword Plasma pistol. - 105 points
"Gaunt Killers", 2nd Tactical Squad of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. Long history of fighting against Tyranids alongside the 3rd and the 1st squad.

Led by Iron-Brother Feros. A mean fighting machine from the 5th Company. Former assault sergeant chose to guide his battle brothers in more subtle manner. The subtleness however doesn’t show in any aspect.

Space Marine 6-man Scout Squad armed with Bolters, Missile Launcher.. - 98 points
"Brood Maimer" 1st Scout Squad of the 10th Company of Red Talons. 
The whole squad was terribly maimed. The 1st squad gathers the most bionical scouts in the Red Talons army to form a tough fighting squad.

Squad is lead by a seasoned veteran Iron-brother Pherra. He was an Assault marine sergeant in 8th Company but was promoted to lead the 1st squad of recruits during the Deliverance Incident.

Fast Attack

Space Marine Land Speeder Tornado with Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer. - 70 points
"Sand Deamons", 3rd Land Speeder Squadron of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. Heroes of the Tallarn Campaign on M39.

Led by Iron-Brother Burthens, a marine that is more machine than a man; and liking it! Using his tactical acumen he leads the Squadron into the enemy flank with deadly precision. He is known to give the recruits a hell of a ride. Barrel-roll, spins, jink-maneuvers are his specialty.



Blood Angels Reclusiarch with Plasma pistol. - 145 points
Judge Ern, 2nd Judge of Villains, the Judge of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. Judge Ern has specialized in a jump pack assaults. He is known to build a battle frenzy for the brothers he’s accompanying. He has been mentored by Iron-Judge Quersina, the 1st Judge of Villains, for thousand years. 


Blood Angels 5-man Assault Squad with Plasma pistol. Sergeant with Power fist and Plasma pistol. - 155 points
"Kobalt Fists", 8th Assault Squad of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. The squadron is the fighting spearhead of the 2nd Company. During the 13th Black Crusade they fought the Unclean Legion on Kobalt II being victorious against the plague horde. Consisting of Plague Marines and countless Deamons the 2nd Company managed to drive the deamons back to warp and destroy most of the Plague Marines. Finghing alongside the Flesh Tearers chapter has thought them a savage way of battling the well defended foe.

Next up:

Finally some treat for the ones waiting for the Storm talon: the WIP pictures of the finished base for the Stormtalon.

I used plastic card, tube and a cable pipe for the structures

Greenstuff was used to create banks for the sewer pipes

PVA glue and sand was used to create texture

Some old internet cable was used for the power cables. Some odd Necron head was also used.

I left a space for the flyer stand so it would stand firm in the base.

Also some skulls and zombie hands were glued to where the sewerage would spill out.

”The Red Talons are coming!”

“So they came; on the chariot of flame and thunder. The Red Talons, Iron Judges, the Peace Keepers, the Red Tide of Justice. Foe; be vary!”
I just finished painting the tactical squad and the scout squad for the Red Talons army. I have yet to finish the Razorback but I have it basecoated and ready for details. I need to practice some armour painting on some scrap pieces as I have never painted that large a flat area. The dual colour scheme is giving me hard times as one or the other main colours will be required to be hand painted for basecoat.

Here’s some pictures of the finished models.

The Executioner Osiron (The Captain) is in fact a Chapter Champion, but substitutes as a captain until I can figure out good wargear for the real Captain.

The Executioner is a grim fellow

Some details on the base: some unfortunate Tau warrior.

This is a former 4th Company Assault Squad Sergeant (the green stripe on the shoulder panel). Currently he's the Chapter Champion.

The Relic Blade is trickling with plasma energy. Also can be used as a Plasma pistol if needed.

The servo skull and the Iron halo provide some indication from the status of the marine.

The Sergeant of "The Red Tyrants", the 3rd Squad of the 2nd Company, Iron-brother Lurcas, is converted from Assault on the Black Reach sergeant model. The backpack is scratch-built to go with the Red Talon techy theme.

The face on this model is particularly menacing and grim.

Free hand banner. I still require some practice in making the imagery look good.

The servo arm is a simple conversion using plastic tube and guitar wire. The cutter counts as Plasma pistol if required. Notice also the exhaust vents on the backpack .
Other look of the backpack and the servo wiring in the groin area.

Seniors in the 3rd Tactical Squad of 2nd Company, Brother Sarsa (the Comm-link) and Brother "Smokey" Samuro, are the second in command after Lurcas. Smokey is one of the oldest Brothers in the 2nd Company and he's waiting his big breakthrough to be promoted. Brother Sarsa is a former 2nd Squad Sergeant and extremely calculative.

Brother Sarsa checking the location of enemy units from an auspex. The radio transmitter is used to contact support aircrafts and Thunderhawks in the atmosphere.

Some details from the shoulder pad writings and indirect lighting from the screen.

Sarsa is known to gather squad history using scribe skulls.

Smokey has bionic lungs after getting a bioplasma to the chest. He has a knack for Rarsanian biobacco products.

The archaic bolter was built by Techmarine Scundis when Samuro saved the Techmarine from Tyranid horde. 

The cigarette is just simple piece of wire painted to look match.

Smokey also has a helmet on his belt.

The specialists in the 3rd Squad of the 2nd Company, Brother Ishri (meltagun), Brother "Boom" Railas, Brother "Bull" Surus, and Brother Vardis. These are the backbone of the squad and they all have hundreds of years of experience of fighting.

Brother Railas has been specialized in grenades and has a plentiful supply of explosives. 

He lost hos left arm in a plasma explosion. The arm is from Forge World character kit.
Brother Ishri is a former 8th Assault Squad member and carries the role of meltagunner  to 3rd Squad.

Paintings on the helmet describe the heroic actions in Dolsene.

The spare meltacanister is there to enable long field service.

Bull is a strapping lad that has no problem of toting the heavy plasma cannon. This is my first indirect lighting attempt.

The glowing effect seems partially a mess but these photographs make the effect more... err... effective.

Here shows the irritating shining effect of the Seraphim Sepia.

Shoulder pad markings. Bull also has bone horns on the backpack cut from a cyrrobull in rural village in Dolsene.

Brother Vardis is an eager close combat brother. He's also a former 8th Squad marine but considerably younger than others. He's sometimes referred as the Young blood by the elder Brothers.

Simple conversion with assault marine legs. The stubble was a successful attempt using watered down Eshin Grey to give the 5 a'clock shadow.

Here shows the updated Red Talons chapter marking.

The remaining marines of the 3rd Squad, Brother Merch, Brother Reshe and Brother Trese, are simple conversions from Assault on the Black Reach marines. Some minor wires has been added.

Brother Merch

Brother Reshe

Brother Trese

The Sergeant of "The Brood Maimers", the 1st Scout Squad of the 10th Company, Iron-Brother Pherra, is combination of Space Marine Servitor and a Space Marine Scout. The resin models were cut in half to create a bionic legion of scouts.

Brother Pherra is a veteran of many battles.

Face was burnt by a traitor flamer in Lorn V in 400.M39.

The Combi-flamer is a Forge World piece. The shoulder pad was painted free hand.

If needed, the Sergeant may be upgraded to have Melta bomb.
The rest of the 1st Scout Squad of the 10th Company, Brother Yriss, Brother Marchi, Brother Russ, Brother Lerous, and Brother "Iron Hand" Marthas. All these Scouts are just about to be anointed to become fully fledged Space Marines. New shiny armours and finely crafted bionics await.

Brother Yriss is a former 2nd Squad "oldie". He has his only functioning eye on a position in the 9th Company .

Here shows Scout icon used by the Red Talons - a white circle.

The bionic leg is not best for sneaking on a metal surface. Luckily it is rubber padded.

Basic Scout gear is carried by the troops.

Brother "Iron Hand" Marthas uses a modified missile launcher for increased accuracy.

Confirmed tank kills are marked on the side of the weapon.

Iron Hand has managed to knock a hole in Necron Monolith and received an Imperial Honour for it.

Iron Hand is known throughout the 10th Company for his high end bionic arm.

Brother Marchi is a former sniper of the 3rd Scout Squad.

He has a sanctified bolter and Marksman honours.

His biological brother Brother Lerous is in the same squad as he.

Brother Lerous suffered a lasbolt hit to the chest tearing his second heart and right hand to pieces. 

His bolter has a "Bulldog" grip enabling him to shoot it like a pistol.

Like the Scouts before, this one is also made from Servitor pieces.
Brother Russ has suffered less severely in battles. His hand was however bitten off by a Ork Nob in Chosin.

The bolter is a conversion from a Chaos Space Marine bolter. The claw is from Vindicator's shell lift.

In what I succeeded in painting:

  • I managed to apply the layers in so that it creates a good-looking armour. The combination of washes and layer paints provided good shading and good-enough highlights for the armours.
  • The face on the Tactical Marines was quite successful and the stubble on the face is giving character for the models.
  • The cloth on the Scouts’ pants proved to be good looking as I changed the colour scheme at the very end. The green gives some contrast and is subtle enough for against the red and black.
  • The bases proved to be good-looking and the scorched grass gives a punch to the finish. The underhive-kinda look is great and helps to tie in with the scenery I’m about to build for the army. 

What I would do differently:

  • I would do the Scouts’ faces again if I had the time as they are too shiny and odd-looking.
  • The leather on the pouches, shoes, etc. isn’t looking realistic. I need to figure out a way to make a colour scheme for the leathery parts without them looking too shiny.
  • The Seraphim Sepia wash was a HUGE mistake. It made the red armour look shiny in the first models. I dropped it with the last 4 figures and they looked better.
  • I also must get proper plastic tubes for the bases as the ones I used aren’t reacting to my plastic glue and they aren’t sticking to the base that well.