Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cleansing of Volia moon (451.M40)

Volia is a moon of planet Agrax on Segmentum Ultima. The planet is colonized by Agraxian farmers and is a fertile ground on the side facing Agrax (as the moon is locked to face the same side towards the mother planet) and thus considered a fine place for growing biobacco, a synthetic tobacco-like product. The moon relies on the Planetar Defence Force of Agrax andhas little defense of its own. Usually a recreation post for Cthonian troops traveling to campaign and during the Tau infection during 0.024.451.M40 71st Cthonian infantry regiment was stationed on the moon.

Vior’la sect’s star fleet entered the immediate area of the system with peaceful intentions and sent a party of the water caste to negotiate trading route through the area to a secluded star gate on the father area of the Segmentum Ultima. The negotiations ended in a slaughter. It is speculated that the rude language used by the Cthonian Commissar (name deleted from registry) and thus the whole negotiation party was eliminated. This led into a full scale landfall of more than 3000 Fire warriors and support personnel. The Planetary Defense Force was wiped out in a day and Cthonian 71st was left recurring evacuation of the only large city on the moon. Most of the population was successfully transferred to Agrax but the moon was infested by Tau.
On the third day of the landfall a Red Talon cruiser Claw of Justice entered the system and launched a boarding action on Tau Emissary class ship. The ship was quickly overrun and a half company of Red Talons of the 2nd Company was deployed on the surface of Volia assisted by 2 Scout squads of the 10th Company. A total of 100 Space Marines was lowered on the planet and they made an assault to the Tau command base. A full thousand fire warriors was slain in the ensuing combat leaving the remaining troops without support and supplies. A force of 50 strong was assigned to the Capital of the moon where Cthonians were fighting for their existence.

The 2nd Company containing 3rd to 6th Tactical squads, 7th Assault Squad and 9th and 10th Devastor squads were deployed in the flank of the Tau battle line with both the Scout squads deployed within their defensive ring. The command squad was scattered to the Tactical squads to prove some needed close combat efficiency. The plan was to quickly cover the ground and to minimize the deadly shooting of the Tau warriors. In mere hours the majority of the Tau warriors was driven to flight or destroyed. During a desperate maneuver to avoid the fusillade from Tau vehicle squad, the Company Captain, Executioner Korsis Osiron, was wounded to hip and lost both his legs. The 3rd Tactical squad led by Iron-Brother
 Lurcas was able to extract the Executioner from the field of battle to their Razorback and he was saved by the Company Mender.

The 6th Squad and both Devastor Squads were almost destroyed, the 6th Assault squad was reduced to half, and full half of the armoured vehicles were blown into pieces. The Cthonianss, who had retreated to safety of the ruined city, lost only a fragment of their strength. The troopers invaded the streets elating the victory they had supposedly delivered. The Red Talon Judges, Iron-Judge Quersina and Judge Ern, ruled that one tenth of the regiment was to be executed due to their lack of courage and some 200 troopers were executed on spot as a reminder for the rest of the regiment to fulfill their duty to Emperor. All of the Tau forces were killed, mainly fire warriors and some dozens battle suited leaders, on the cleansing of the Volia moon and their star crafts were destroyed in the orbital firefight with the Agrax defenders assisted by the Claw of justice. The Red Talons left an impression to the Cthonian officers that is still discussed with awe and fear when they fill their pipes with biobacco.

“They came on a fiery Chariot of Death; the Hand of Justice, the Holy Execution. They fell on the xenos like a hammer on an anvil, leaving no survivors. They were clad in red and black. Red as the blood they spilt, red as the fierce blood that runs in their veins. Black as the night of judgement, black as the armour of their Iron Hand ancestors. On fire they came, with fire they left. The Cthonians will remember them, that we do. The Red Talons.”

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